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The new Toyota TRD Lift Kit came out earlier this year and we are very excited about it. The TRD kit is not only specifically designed for the Tacoma but it also has the stamp of approval from Toyota Racing Development (TRD) engineers. The kit comes with front and rear Bilstein shocks (with all necessary hardware), the TRD Pro-style front grille, a new TSS system millimetre wave sensor (with support brackets for the camera), and black bezels designed to complement the TRD Pro-style grille and fill in the deleted fog lamps. The kit's compatibility with the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) system is a major advantage because it ensures proper recalibration of the front end sensors after modifying the front end of the vehicle.

How we feel about it

Since our team works out of the Cochrane Toyota dealership, we not only have some experience selling the product but also installing it. Our Toyota Certified technician and accessory specialist, Mike, installs a variety of lift kits and accessories on a regular basis. His take?

According to Mike, the Toyota TRD lift kit is a dream to install. Just like any other Toyota part, the product is paired with a detailed Toyota procedure that outlines each step of the installation. After installing hundreds of different suspension set ups from all of the well-known brands, Mike appreciates that everything in this kit comes pre-set and is built specifically for the Tacoma. From Mike’s experience, it is clear that Toyota has designed this kit to accentuate the vehicle's existing features and add to the TRD aesthetic that we all know and love. Plus, he thinks the guarantee of Toyota's standard warranty is a huge incentive for the customer.


Toyota has partnered with Bilstein for this accessory, utilizing a product that is already known and trusted in the off-roading community. A bigger shock is being used in the kit which provides up to a 2-inch front lift and a 1-inch rear lift. According to Toyota the front shocks are fitted with adjustable coil springs on the shock tube, providing flexibility in the height of the vehicle. The rear shocks have larger shock body houses that allows for additional oil volume ultimately improve the damping response. Another plus, the rear shock bodies also allow for larger pistons and the piston rod is 4mm larger providing a stronger rear end.

The kit increases the frame ground clearance by 1.7 inches. It also improves the approach angle from 32 degrees from 3.1 degrees stock. Toyota has seen even further approach angle on the TRD Pro Off-Road models that increases it up to 35.5 degrees. As well, the breakover angle in increased to 22.6 degrees from the 1.6 factory spec.

With other lift kits there are varying amounts of warranty provided. But the TRD Lift Kit is recognized by Toyota as a genuine TRD accessory and therefore provides the same guarantee as when you buy products such as cargo liners, roof racks or remote starters. When you install this lift kit at the same time as purchasing a new Tacoma it is covered by the vehicle’s 3 year, 60,000km factory warranty. When it is purchased and installed after the fact it is covered by the 1 year, 20,000km standard accessory warranty. 

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Photos: Toyota Newsroom