All orders will be shipped out by ground transport. Our most common couriers are Purolator, Fedex and Canada Post.  We would be glad to try and work with you and your preferred courier if you find one that works better for you. When placing your order please advise of any special shipping requirements you may have.

Payment is accepted via Paypal or Shopify's secure payment method.

If you have an order to be picked up here at Tacoma Town we do require a piece of ID matching the name on the parts order.  

Tacoma Town will honor and assist you with any warranty concerns you may have with your product.  We will administer the warranty approved to us by the manufacturer.

The customer will be responsible for legal fees as a result of any transaction or account requiring legal action or collection by us.

Note: some images used in our site are registered by others and used with permission for display purposes, these pictures may or may not represent the exact item being sold, ie. different colors, logos, and application.